Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back From the Finisher

After stitching many belts in 2012, I decided to stitch smaller things in 2013.  Three reasons for this- I get to do more decorative stitches, work with more fibers, and get quicker finishes.

On the needlepoint Facebook group I had read a lot about a gal who had been finishing for over 10 years but was starting to expand her business. Ever the bargainista, I thought I'd giver her a try after several of the ladies in the group posted pictures of their finished items.

I sent Angela two things, a Julia canvas I stitched as an ornament for my husband and a Point of It All Designs sign for my sister.

Angela and I chatted via email so that I could let her know what I was looking for, i.e., nothing too frilly, frou-frou or old ladyish and boy did she deliver.  The finishing is clean and simple and perfectly done.  And it was done lightning fast, too- less than three weeks!

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